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Cristal Diamond
Cristal Diamond
Psychic Reading
Cristal Diamond


I'm the 5th generation of psychics, working only on high frequencies I can help you to take a backlight on your life. 

I can help you to make clarity about your relationships, jobs, life changes. 

Sincere and accurate, I will show you the real picture of the situation and all the best solutions for you. I can also check the energies linked to your date of birth, so you can start finding the light inside you. 

I don’t sugarcoat my clients but I show them the best way to take the light in every situation. 

I  can offer expert advice promptly and my readings are a fluid creative process that always shed some sort of insight on the situation and are therefore enlightening. 

Burdens lift and clarity prevails, forming absolute direction and guidance. 

Gifted as a Clairsentient and Clairvoyant, I have visions, dreams, and psychic experiences that can help people in their life.


I have been practicing for many years and have refined my ability to see very clear images. 

These images then accumulate to give me an understanding of the full picture. The result is the translation of this information into language and knowledge that I can in turn pass directly on to you. 

I have over 10 years of experience in humanistic astrology and 3 years of experience in psychic readings, angel cards readings, soul mate readings, and so much more and my specialty is love and relationships. 

I love to make my clients powerful and blessed thanks to the assistance of my spirit guide that will help to be aware of your strengths and potential. 

After my reading, you will feel recharged, and with new perspectives on your life thanks to the metaphysical mental works you can change your reality. 

The tools I can use: Angels cards Evolutive tarology, Cabalistic Tarots, Le Normand Cards + 

Clairvoyance Clairsentience My personal cards Humanistic astrology Metaphysic knowledge

New tarot deck on board: Nefertari Tarots <3

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