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Advisor Courtney
Advisor Courtney
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Advisor Courtney


I am a Paranormal Expert on Life after Death, Spirit Contact, and Haunting's. The Paranormal is my Passion. I have been having Paranormal Experiences since I was a child. I am a Psychic Medium with over 16 years experience as a Paranormal Investigator, Tarot Card Reader, and Psychic. I can help you connect with Lost Loved Ones and I can help you contact Spirits that are Haunting you. I use my Special Abilities and a Spirit Box during my Readings to connect me and my Clients to the other side. Other services I offer: *In Depth Tarot Card Readings on everything from Love and Relationships to Past Lives. Any Questions you have I will answer to help you Fulfill Your Destiny and Life Path. *Angel Therapy Readings to help you Heal, Cut Cords of Negativity, and help you connect with your Angels on a Daily Basis. Transform and Cleanse your Body, Mind, and Soul. *Astrology Birth Chart Readings based on the time and place you were born in conjunction with the Planets to help you unlock Secrets about yourself, your personality, and your Destiny. *Love Spell Casting. I am very experienced in Love Spells and can help you Cast a Spell to find your Soulmate, Reunite with an old Love,meet your Twin Flame and much more! Each Spell is unique and in depth to help you fulfill your Hearts Desire. *Flower Essence Healing Readings. I have alot of experience with Flower Essences.I use my Flower Essence Healing Cards and Knowledge to guide you.Flower Essences are the healers of Deeper and emotional issues. I can help you figure out what Flower Essences are right for you and how to use them. Very Healing and Cleansing!


As a child I would hear, See, and sense Ghosts and Spirits. I never really understood what was happening when I was young but as I grew up I delved very deep into the Occult and Read many books on Paranormal and Psychic Experiences and It eventually led me to discover my own gifts of being a Psychic Medium. I started giving Readings to many people and did alot of Paranormal Investigations and not only figured out that this was my Passion but it also was my Destiny. As of today I have over 16 years experience of giving Accurate Readings and Helping those who are having Paranormal Experiences. This is truly what I love to do and I will always put 100% of myself and energy into each Reading I give. I truly believe that my Readings and Guidance will help you live a more Happy, Fulfilled, Life, Receive Answers to important questions you have, and give you closure to situations that have been troubling you.

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