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With a bachelor's degree in Mortuary Science and having worked as a Pathologist's assistant in morgue's and laboratories alike, I am not afraid to go DEEP. My background gives a grounded, balanced approached to my readings with practical, real world advice that goes beyond "think positive and this too shall pass". You want ANSWERS not a fairytale and I'm here to deliver that for you. Practicing as a professional Psychic Advisor and multi-dimensional energy healer. I advocate for the TRUTH and helping you create your destiny. I give DIRECT, to the point insights. The great thing about readings is that nothing is set in stone. It is a snapshot of energy already set in motion. YOU have the power to change your life in any direction and I am here to help you get back on the desired track AND stay on the desired track. I’m passionate about helping people find the love, happiness, and money they deserve. I will always deliver the truth and strive to deliver it in an easily digestible way. I don't judge or shame people.


Professional Psychic/Spiritual advisor and multidimensional energy healer. I have a robust roster of repeat clients that feel empowered and prepared for whatever life throws at them through my guidance and insights. I aid in relationships of all kinds as well as career advice. My readings do not leave you hanging wondering what to do with the information, divinely channeled action steps are given as well so you can make the most empowered decisions for yourself in your life. In my personal practice, I help people manifest their desired outcomes using cards, pendulums and multidimensional energy work. Together we've manifested over $1M single sale, red carpet events, meeting up with a lover despite it looking like it wouldn't happen, gaining more money in business than ever before, buying a new property, etc. My clients leave feeling connected to their own higher wisdom, feeling empowered and a new sense of confidence that they CAN do anything they put their mind to!

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