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Hi Folks, I have been working in the New Age Industry for more than 18 years now.  My main passion is firstly Astrology followed by Playing Card Readings.  In the last four years I have also discovered Gypsy, Kipper & Lenormand Cards.   What are Kipper Cards?  They are Germany's answer to Gypsy cards and like Gypsy cards are picture cards without any suit patterns on them like playing and tarot cards.  Yes I also do tarot for those would prefer this. So if you are open to trying something a little different? I could be the lady for you. Please note I am not a MEDIUM and I do not get names.However I am Clairaudient which means at times I could receive a message for you via my Higher Guide or an Angel whilst doing a reading for you.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no – it is random. I look forward to assist you find your own solutions in life.  I am also a qualified counsellor.  My style is known as Solution Focus. Think of Dr. Phil on the T.V. and you get a pretty good idea what my style is like.  I tend to call a spade a spade which means I am direct.    All the best  CONNIE                                           


I have work as a phone reader for over 18 years with one phone company in Australia starting out doing Astrology and tarot only.   In 1995 I completed my Basic Astrological studies and have since go onto additional study with Canopus Academy of Astrology in 2005 with a Credit. In 2003, I studied with Matthew Favaloro and received from him a Professional Certificate in Tarot. I have also done a course of Basic Counseling with the Applied College of Psychology in Sydney. In 2009, a girlfriend named Paula handed me a deck of Playing Cards each with a different picture of a breeds of Cats, so I started to explore the world of Playing Card Readings.  You will see some of these cards in my photo.  Since that time I have also took on  Gypsy card readings.   In 2013 when I discovered a supplier of these cards on facebook - The supplier of these cards also gave lessons on u-tube as there are no known books on Gypsy card readings.  Gypsy cards are picture cards with no suits on them unlike Lenormand.  Gypsy card decks can be anything from 36 cards per deck up to 52 cards in them and they are random in their pictures and not a set pattern of 1 to 36 like Lenormand.  I am a person who tends to be direct in my readings and have a dislike for the romantic novels that causes people to believe a person who is not good for them can suddenly become their model partner. I love the work on the line and look forward to assisting you find the answering with your problems. At all times the final decisions are yours to make and choose your own destiny. All the bestCONNIE

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thank you
Jessica Lior
Thank you 🙏🏼 pretty accurate
very good
Janelle Alladin
Great first reading with insight and helpful advice. Looking forward to seeing what transpires over the coming weeks. Thank you
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