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Advisor Colleen


I use my life experiences to help others possibly facing the same difficulties. I like to answer in detail, precise answers to questions. I believe in my experience, that I am very accurate and that a lot of my predictions happen. I answer questions on love/relationships, careers/finance and general life questions. I do not judge, the customer can feel free to ask or talk to me about whatever they feel without being judged. As said before, I was given a deck of tarot cards 13 years ago when someone handed them off to me in college. Since then was fixed on learning them. Then, my spiritual gifts developed farther and farther, and through my own life lessons, I am in turn able to help others. I can help people through difficult life experiences such as trauma. Self acceptance, love, career, and manifesting anything thr heart desires.


I've worked for several telephone and online sites as well as a psychic bookstore. I've been reading for 13 years, when a college friend gave me a deck of cards. Since then have been developing my gifts. I like to answer specific questions with my specific guidance to give the customer clarity and excitement with their life and which path better suits them. Here is a recent testimonial: I am always amazed at how sharp and deep Colleen's readings are. She catches underlying truths and states them with a profound clarity and conviction that not only helps me feel the truth of my situation, but empowers me with the depth of her emotional awareness. She is a deeply feeling reader whose reverberating intuitive radar has healed and freed me from unnecessary negative emotion, as well as alerted me to areas I have been unconscious of. A gifted, deeply clarifying, illuminating and empowering reader.

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