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I am an emphatic, clairsentient tarot reader and have been for over 30 years. I showed early abilities (at the age of 6) and have continued to use my talents, since then. I began reading the tarot at the age of twelve, and at nineteen started doing so professionally.  I don't always use tools in my readings, in fact, in person I rarely use tools unless asked to. But, I tend to use them online and over the phone to help keep my focus on my clients' needs and questions.   In a reading with me, you can expect me to use my intuition, my guides and other helpers, tarot,  as well as my other gifts to help answer your questions directly, and quickly. Occasionally, when asked, I will also call upon my abilities to communicate with the plant world to help heal and share knowledge. Yes, I am an herbalist, as well as "plant translator" and have many plant helpers in and on my path. TOOLS USED: Intuition. Clairaudience, clairsentience, tarot, oracle cards, plant and herb knowledge.I own many tarot decks, but the one that I am most comfortable using is called the Haindl deck. It represents much of my own spirituality, learnings, passions, and beliefs. 


I have been a professional reader since I was nineteen years of age, and up until four years ago, I was very content to do in person readings as well as be available for phone and email readings and consulting. Some of my clients convinced me to start reading in online chatrooms, and I love doing so. 

My "specialty" if you will, is my empathic abilities, as well as my clairsentience. I adore helping my clients to gain a more informed perspective about their personal relationships. Knowing how that special (or sometimes  not so "special") person feels has helped my clients not only to gain understanding, but to be able to move forward and grow as a person, as well an individual in a successful, and loving couple. 
These talents also work beautifully in other social and professional relationships. It is one of my greatest pleasures to share these talents with those that honor me by becoming my client.
I am a traditional witch (non Wiccan). I believe strongly in free will, and go by my own moral compass, though I also am very nonjudgmental about other's beliefs/creeds or the lack of the same. I don't subscribe to the thought that one size fits all for anything; this is especially true of religion, sexual preference, lifestyle choice, or the choice not to choose. I'm non-judgmental, and respect is something that is very important to me, and in my life. I create a "safe harbor" in my reading space, as well as in an online chat, and I work very hard to keep that energy intact. I have worked at two different sites doing chatroom consulting, and readings, and I'm very excited to have the good fortune to be with you now. 

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