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Claudia Tan


Hi my name is Miss Claudia I am a third-generation God gifted psychic healer and a visor I specialize in past present and future I do all different types of psychic readings  I will heal your aura  inclines your energy I will guide you in the right direction why wonder and weight when you can call today and have a better tomorrow 


 I'm a their generation psychic I've been doing this a little bit over 15 years now I have help people with health issues  career problems  I Have reunited lovers  I have hill and  cleansed peoples aura and energy I also have lined up in cleanse people's  shocker  this is a gift that I was blessed with from the good Lord  I would like to share it  What others 

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Wasted a lot of time asking me questions and not getting of my questions answered. Never contacting her again.
I loved her spirit
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