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I offer insight and guidance using the following tools:
Clairvoyance,Crystals, Tarot Remote viewing, Psychic,                                                                                                                                                          
 I deliver all my readings with tact , integrity, honesty depth and substance.My aim is to provide you with Clarity , guidance  and a positive energy enabling you to leave the reading with a clear understanding of your present circumstances.


I am an empathic, psychic clairvoyant. Over the last 18 years as a psychic clairvoyant, I’m delighted to have been able to provide quality readings to clients from all over the world. I have given them insight into their current circumstances and future direction. My reading style is compassionate, and I have an inquisitive nature in general, and while carrying out my readings, as I am also experiencing the reading along with the client, almost as if I were looking through Windows into people’s lives. I try to deliver my readings with as much detail as is gifted. The assistance of a spirit guide provides specific messages to pass on, which don’t always make sense to me but do resonate with the client. I often use crystals, as I find that holding rose quartz throughout, provides a stronger connection. It is not uncommon for remote viewing abilities to work their way into my readings, giving me a visual of the client or the person in question. Clients are always amazed and often mentioned in testimonials that the information I provide this accurate and simply flows. I am also familiar with the tarot, although I do not use it in my readings. I find that psychics often get a bad press and this always pushes me to be the very best I can and undertake all my work with the utmost integrity.

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Amazing reading!!! Connected almost instantly. Highly recommend
hope to get all the answers for this time but I sur will be back
she is fantastic!
she clarified a lot and i appreciate it so much!
Thank you
Always accurate, fast typer and very detailed. Can u send me some mins plz
Thank you
Yes, you are right he says that he knows i have good heart.
Thank you, very detailed
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