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Medium, psychic, empath, tarot reader and relationship coach. I can tell you what you want to know about your loved ones that have moved on, and also tell you about relationships you are in. I can pass messages from those who have left our world and joined the spirit world, and communicate with them for you. I have been given the gift of mediumship and also the gift of knowing what lies in your future love life. Join me as I guide you through with my abilities. I offer basic readings over chat or over the phone, and can also do tea leaf readings and rune casts. I want to create a caring, warm and compassionate atmosphere for my dear clients. I am here to help...but I will be honest because telling you only want you want to hear would not be helpful. I was called on by a higher power to help people in need of guidance through this life.


I realized my gift at a very early age and then, just over 5 years ago, I started to share my gift with others. I meditate on my third eye daily and exercise my gifts as often as possible. I have done many sessions in mediumship and giving relationship advice. I have down countless tarot card readings and tea leaf readings as well. I also do pendulum readings and runestone castings. People have sought me out after they have heard of me and my abilities. I am well known for my caring, nurturing and empathic nature, I am also straightforward and honest with my clients with as much compassion for them as possible. Just like exercising muscles, I exercise my gift through daily meditation, meeting with other gifted psychics, and reading any book on the subjects I practice any chance I can get. I absolutely love connecting with customers, giving them advice and helping them connect with loved ones who have passed on. This is very rewarding work and not only does it help My dear customers, but it also helps me grow my gifts and offer more and more services the more I practice and learn.

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very insightful and I’ll follow your advice :)
thanks mam
thank u mam but pls complete
sorry ran out of funds. shes really brilliant and straight to the point xxx will be back!!
good but expensive, one question can hardly be answered.
thank you!
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