I work with the Rider Waite Tarot cards along with psychic medium abilities I can unveil the future and enlighten you with a past present and future reading followed by an in-depth celtic cross and can help with relationship, financial, career, family and general life situations so lets connect


I have worked with the Rider and Waite tarot cards for over 10 years and have successfully given accurate readings for many. I am also very drawn to the spirit world and have often sensed spirits over the years. I also have a spirit animal whom assists me almost daily. My dreams have also come true on so many occasions. I have given people readings and enlightened them to situations they were already experiencing and shocked them with my accurate insights and outcomes, some of these people have contacted me after the reading to thank me for giving them enlightenment.

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Soulmates Psychic Reading Breakup and Divorce Rider Waite Cards Career Advice Psychic Mediums Clairvoyant Readings Dating Advice Relationship Advice Mind Reading Parents and Children Love and Sex Family Advice Cheating and Affairs Dream Analysis Karma and Past Life




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