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Clara's Clarvoyance
Clara's Clarvoyance
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Clara's Clarvoyance


Brain Monkeys? That's the term I use for the how, when, why, and where questions that run in a continuous loop in our minds with no solution in sight. It's enough to drive a sane person completely crazy!! Sometimes the best solution is to talk with someone on the outside of the issue who can provide an unbiassed and clear perspective. From love and relationships to career and business, I've got your answers. My clients have described me as being able to say just the right thing at just the right time. As a reader I am experienced, accurate, non judgmental, and get straight to the heart of the matter. As a person I am caring, relatable, and loyal. I genuinely care about my clients. Let's work together to find answers and solutions. Put those brain monkeys to rest ONCE AND FOR ALL!!


I am an empath, intuitive, and sensitive clairvoyant. The females in my family have carried this ability for generations and it was no surprise that as a child I could catch "The Feels" as we like to call it. Sometimes it made it difficult for me to decipher if they were my "feels" and visions or someone else's. In time I grew to understand that the only way to prevent personal confusion on my part was to confront "the feels" and address them to the person or persons emitting them. And thus my journey began. The answers are clear to me and I tend to have an "Outside of the box" perspective. I have been helping people find answers for over 20 years now and have been taking on personal clients for 12 years. One of my favorite tools is tarot cards. I find that a lot of my clients can relate to the visual aspects of tarot. Long gone are the days of tarot being seen as some taboo black magic naughtiness. They're just pictures on a card folks! It's the understanding and intuition of the reader that makes them a truly unique and special tool for clarity.

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