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I have been giving clairvoyant readings for over 32 years. My clients call and ask me questions about love, money and their career.  A lot of my predictions focus on past lives and specific names and locations. I am here to help people to see information that is beyond this world. I enjoy focusing my attention on the deceased as well. Many men and women ask me questions about those that have crossed over. Others ask me about who their soulmate is. My experience has allowed me to see into the past, present and future about almost any situation that I put my mind to.


I have given psychic readings via chat, phone, email and in person. My clients come to me because they say that I have high accuracy with my predictions. I have been giving live psychic readings for over 32 years now and have read for people from all walks of life. I enjoy what I do because I get to help people out with their problems. I also pick up on past lives and specific information such as names and dates.  Over the years, I have written numerous articles on paranormal events and spirit communication.


thank you !!! you’re amazing
mary nguyen
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