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Clairvoyant Miss Mimi
Clairvoyant Miss Mimi
Life Coaching
Clairvoyant Miss Mimi


Are you feeling a bit lost, maybe just confused, not sure what to do or where to go?, or maybe just curious what this year has in store for you?, give me a call and receive your answer's today, get your piece of mind and clarity back, clear your heart and mind and find what you've been searching for, nothing is too big or too small for me to handle, I see all maters of life and answer all questions, give me a call and you'll be filled with contentment and peace once more!.• •Hi I'm Mimi, I'm offering my clairvoyant services for those who are in need of help of all kind's, I'm here to help with all matters of life whether it may be: health, happiness, success, financial issues, love & romance, friend's & family, trials & tribulations, etc I've been blessed to have such a gift and found my calling in helping those who need the guidance that they have been lost from, and doing all that I must to help them regain what has been taken away from them and giving back freewill and regaining their life and piece of mind once again and keeping it that way. Giving only honest and truthful answer's with all that I see, I cannot guarantee you'll be happy with everything you hear but i can guarantee that you'd be getting honest and upfront answer's, I'm here to tell you what needs to be told, not what you want to be told, I do not sugar coat or blind you from the truth in any way shape or form, I'm here to open and help you achieve all that's been lost, being straight forward and upfront with what needs to be, and I promise to devote myself to anyone and all in need of help.


I've been a professional certified psychic reader for 17 years and had discovered my clairvoyant gift since the age of 5 years old, at this young of course I hadn't had much of a perspective of what it may be, I just had always known I was different than most, I began to notice id speak and read people without even knowing, feeling and seeing things that weren't visual to others I began to notice as well as my mother had and I continued to explore my gift with many people until the age of 7 years old I had asked my mother what exactly have I been experiencing for these few years, she had explained to me our intuition was a bit stronger than most and was given this gift for a big reason in our lives and to use it well, since then she had guided me throughout this journey and I've been helping in all aspects throughout life as much as I possibly can, I had found my calling and know what I was meant for, I've been blessed with this gift, and I dedicate myself to give back to those in need. Making sure that piece of mind and clarity is fully restored and peace is regained once more. I am established with an office of my own and my family has been located in our main location for over 65 year's and have other offices in other location as well, and I've been professionally experienced for over 15+ years




Apr 5, 2016
Wonderful reading! Will call back soon!
Feb 28, 2016
she is so awesome
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