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Clairvoyant Avril
Clairvoyant Avril
Psychic Reading
Clairvoyant Avril


Im an Accurate Honest Psychic Clairvoyant Medium trained at Arthur Findlay College Stansted UK. In readings I use: - Clairvoyance: I work with Angels who convey visual information in pictures or film about past - present and future. For example if you need to unfold possibilities to improve your life, love or future. As well as providing information about your past lives or a past life connection to a person. - Clairaudience: In sessions I work with guides who answer in Real time. That's why I will ask you about current issues and situation so helpers can step in and provide you with practical down to earth guidance in all areas of life. When you ask guides for advice - you'll get an answer. It might not be what you expect. But Spirit and helpers can see things on a much more holistic view. - Clairsentience: I feel information in my physical body and can give messages regarding for example a person or possible love partners feelings towards you. - Mediumship: I connect with passed loved ones through Mental Mediumship. In addition to channeling information from Spirit I use certain tools: 1. Romance Angels cards by Doreen Virtue: The cards provide you with loving guidance regarding situation and how to progress in love. This deck is a lovely tool which I use in many readings to get clear guidance in your Romantic life. 2. Classical Rider Waite Tarot cards: I use the Tarot cards in a Psychic Tarot way so don't need a spread. I get Clairvoyant information in pictures or film regarding issues and I also hear information through Clairaudience from my guides when I pick the cards. I provide loving guidance with deep respect for your own path in all areas of life including love & relationships, studies & work, spiritual development, healing.


Im very blessed and thankful to be working with regular clients all over the world since many years. I love providing guidance, hope and inspiration and unfold options for the people I work with. I experience such joy to follow and see my clients prosper and develop in all areas of life. My clients are located everywhere in the world for example North America, UK, Europe, Dubai, India, Australia & New Zealand. So no matter your background or past , my focus is on serving you with guidance so you can progress on your own path in life. I've been doing readings for 10 years full time both in personal sittings in holistic centers, psychic lines and at mind body spirit fairs. Often I have regular customers at Fairs who come back year after year to get a reading. I also have a lot of experience doing regular demonstrations of Clairvoyance & Mediumship at different Spiritual centers in several countries where I convey messages to the attending public I teach and lecture in several centers & online in Psychic Development, Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Healing, Angels & Guides. From years of Psychic work I also wrote an ebook - How to sense & work with Guides, Angels, Passed loved ones and Nature Spirits with a lot of tips on how you can sense & work with the helpers on the other side. During my many years of work as Psychic Clairvoyant Medium offering sessions to clients. I have been providing guidance in love & relationships, career & work, study, spiritual development, healing. I love working with people from different cultures & background. Spirit provide loving guidance to everyone Coloured, straight, gay or caucasian or asian. Everyone is welcome to me. With blessings & love I offer my services. Avril

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