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Claire Totty
Claire Totty
Love & Relationships
Claire Totty


I have had a lot of experience with helping people who are grieving, have fallen into depression and need guidance on their direction. I also work with people who are having relationship problems and sexual difficulties.Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by images and can sense what's happening, I see colours that mean something, I am always honest and do not stretch the session.


I fell into this by accident. I am 49 years old now and all my life, i have been bothered and sometimes afraid (younger years) of spirits. two years ago, I had an experience which left me with no doubt that i am able to fully connect with the spirit world at times. I was walking my dogs on the local park and an elderly lady past by. When she stopped to pat my dogs, she said can you tell my son im sorry? she seemed a little distressed and i thought she was perhaps a little loopy! She pointed to an old man sitting on a bench, with a jack Russell, crying into her fur. I turned back to her and she had vanished. I was very scared and regretfully, went home and felt guilty. A year later i went to a spiritualist event and was helped and guided by a Psychic clairvoyant, giving me a card reading. The man had passed since and had come through to say he understood my fear. Since that day, I have relaxed and accepted my abilities




Dec 26, 2015
The reading made absolutely no sense. She said that the woman he is with is in love with me but we don't know any of the same people.
Dec 26, 2015
Not a good connection for me
Oct 6, 2015
Thank you for your honesty
Sep 29, 2015
Thank you. I appreciate your honest approach
Sep 26, 2015
She is AMAZING! I recommend her to anyone. She was so highly accurate and detailed. Put me completely at ease. Thank you Claire :)
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