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The way I read my tarot deck is a little different. I speak to the universe. Everything happens for a reason and there is a time and place for everything. So when I do a reading I take this into account. The universe wants me to translate the cards being shown. The cards shown have a meaning and therefore need to be explained. Think of me as a translator. I am simply translating the universe's advice to my clients and it speaks to me through the tarot cards. I can do readings on pretty much any life challenge whether it be love, finances, careers, or maybe even life obstacles. Either way, the universe has an answer for you.


I have been doing tarot readings for about 6 years now. I didntt really believe in charging for my ability because I felt the need to help others. I love what I do however I needed to start charging because the demand was too much. It took too much of my time and I ended having to make some life changes. Because I became very popular in my community I decided to do this professionally. I am very proud that my clients feel my readings are very accurate and I intend to keep the integrity of my readings. I do not try to sugar coat things. I simply tell it as I see it in the cards.


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