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Experienced, accurate & honest. I answer your heart questions! Fast typer, get your questions answered quickly*** I’m an intuitive energy healer & coach to guide you back to your own inner light when you feel the darkness creeping in. I’m especially helpful when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, stuck, confused, like you don’t know what to do or which direction to take. My spot on tarot, oracle & Spirit channeled readings offer messages & practical lifestyle strategies to lift you and shift you, mentally, emotionally and energetically. I focus on what’s going on in your mind, body and soul right now that needs to be addressed or cleared first to pave the way for the future you most desire! My accurate guidance will help you gain direction, confidence, clarity, and feel more empowered to be able to tackle whatever life is throwing your way! If the shadows of fear, doubt & worry are creeping in, let me help shine some light in the darkness so you can find your way to a brighter future!


I'm a lifelong intuitive and spirit seeker who's been doing professional readings and energy healings for the past few years, but have been using intuitive techniques for myself personally for 17+ years to better my life. I'm a Crystal reiki master specializing in energy healing, chakra balancing and aura cleansing, I do intuitive coaching to help people connect to their own inner guidance around relationship, work & life issues, and for readings I use automatic writing and Oracle/tarot cards along with direct channeling from your personal Spirit team. I can tell you who's around you in Spirit- your guides, your spirit animals, your angels, your ancestors- what their messages are and how to use their guidance in both practical everyday ways, and more spiritual ways, to get out of the stress, overwhelm and anxious thoughts! This is my gift to share with the world. I'm gonna give you the truth from your soul's perspective. I work mostly with women who are desiring to feel more balanced, loved, creative, free and fulfilled in their lives. My spot on readings leave you feeling seen, heard, understood and empowered to make a decision, or take the next step towards the future you want for yourself. I'm excited to help you shine!


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