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Phoenix Lux


I am a clairvoyant empath, first and foremost. I'm very sensitive to other people's energies. I can sense the energy in a room, from it I can tell things that have happened there in the past. I also can tell what a person is feeling the second I meet them. This gives me great insight when it comes to using tarot cards in a reading, as I am able to channel my gifts through the cards to give you the answers that you seek. I can interpret your dreams for hidden symbolism, tell you about numerology, give you insight on your past lives and everything you'd like to know about your relationships. The universe has no secrets for me, I feel it all. I can see the hidden meaning in everything, Spirit talks to me in many ways, and I speak its language. If you want to know about your love life, I can help you. Want a change of career but are unsure? I can help with that too. Maybe you have a question about paranormal phenomena? No problem. I am always honest about what I see, and if sometimes it is not what you'd like to hear, remember that our destiny isn't set in stone, and you can always change it by taking different actions that lead you to another road. I'm looking forward to the opportunity of guiding you through your life path! I'm usually online from 5:00 pm to 12:00 am EST.


I have been aware of my abilities ever since I was a teenager, and I've consciously developed them through meditation and focus. I use my abilities every single day because I just can't turn them off. I feel everything everybody else is feeling all the time, that is why I decided to do something good with it and help people. I am constantly intuitively channeling energy and information. That is why tarot came naturally to me. The tarot cards are but symbols of human archetypes that I can easily and gladly interpret for you. You don’t need to hold anything back, I will never judge you. I will simply read the cards and tell you what you need to know, always. The same goes if what you are looking for is meaning behind a recurrent dream, or if you’ve witnessed any kind of paranormal phenomena, you can count on me for answers.

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I'm out of money but thank you. I really hope your right. 😔
great so helpful, easy to understand too thank you :)
very detailed cant wait to see what happens
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