Christine Mitchell


I am a psychic visionary I am here to help you. With over 15 years of experience I can see straight into your lovers heart and guide you to your true soul mate. I will diminish any confusion you hold in your mind and through your heart. I will and can assist you in all and any areas of your life whether it be love, family, health or anything in between. However career is not my specialty but I can tell you rather to hang on to it or if something better is coming along.


I've been aware of my abilities since childhood, I have been practicing my gift for over seven years. Developing my gift has always came naturally to me. I use crystals and meditation to align and sharpen my gift. I've helped reconnect lost lovers and failing marriages. I've used my abilities to guide others to there twin flame/soulmate and also helped many people achieve success in there career and life path.

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She was good..give her a try. Hope what she says comes true :)
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