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Luna Walker
Luna Walker
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Luna Walker


I am a natural born Pisces, sensitive, and intuitive that lives in Michigan. I have been a Dream Walker my whole life and will help you interpret the messages that you are receiving through your dreams. I specialize in animal spirit guides and understanding the energies and messages they are trying to send you. I have also been a Tarot and Oracle reader for more than twenty years. I have turned this gift into doing freelance readings for the last 2 years. I use a variety of tools to help get the right reading for you. I often blend tarot and oracle together. I also like to incorporate my pendulum and runes if I feel necessary. I enjoy blending my resources to get a full and proper reading. I don’t like to sugar coat the energies that come through. I will always give an honest reading for the energies that I find. I’m looking forward to helping you through my readings and an open dialog. All readings and advise given is purely for entertainment purposes.


I have been doing Psychic readings through Tarot and Oracle for 20 years now. I read a variety of decks including Rider Waite Smith, 8 coins Tattoo Tarot, Crow Tarot, Faerie Oracle, Animal Spirit Oracle, Earthbound Oracle, and others. I read at various local festivals for the last couple of years and in my home. I am able to read energy and see aura colors. This is a long-standing gift that I am learning more traditional routes in reading the colors and working to expand my practice in that as well. I work as a Medium through photographs for a year now, it is a gift I am working to improve and have had wonderful results when given the chance. I have been helping decipher dream messages for 5 years now. As a natural Dream Walker, the messages are often clear. I am part of multiple Psychic communities in my area and via the internet. We are always working together and encouraging each other to try new skills and we teach new readers.

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