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As an experienced reader, I come with my own intuitive gifts and magic formula reading style. You should know that I am not a fortune teller, nor am I a predictive reader. I don't do dates, timelines, or predict if things will or won't happen. I'm more like a gentle and compassionate Spiritual Life Coach who uses Angel Tarot and Natal astrology to guide people towards their Divine Life Purpose. I want to help you explore your own gifts, start your own spiritual business, and guide you through your own personal growth and spiritual development. I don't know when the check is coming in the mail, or when/if he will come back, but I can read the present moment's energy signature so you can make an informed and educated decision about how best to proceed in your life. I am an empowerer and coach, always bringing the reading back to YOU and never the other person. I know we so long for direct and easy answers, but life is never that easy nor that black and white. So, if you're ready to do some soul searching, I'd love to meet you. I specialize in:Divine Life Purpose Readings using your Sun and Moon sign, and Life Path Number, to guide you towards your BIG MISSION or purpose in life. I will need to pull your chart up, which can take a few moments. I require your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. I pinky promise to keep this information totally confidential. You can also use any Natal Chart generator to find your Sun and Moon sign if you want to take the time to do it, and then share that info with me. But, I'll still need your entire birth date. I also use the Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. In love and relationships. I have a unique spread where I pull three cards on your side, three on theirs, and three on the entire relationship. Then, I will give you a very detailed reading based on the information presented within the Tarot cards. This reading will give you a great idea of what they want, what they think, or how they feel about you. But sorry, no timelines or and I can't answer 'when will they come back' because I believe in Free Will and this law states I cannot interfere with the choices of others.Angel Card Readings. Divinely inspired information downloaded and channeled for your highest good. A great check in and life coaching session using various angel cards. Sorry, no timelines, dollar amounts, pregnancy birth dates, legal, financial, or medical advice. 


Hi, I'm Christina Divine.I am a clairaudient and clairvoyant Spiritual Empowerment Educator and Tarot Life Coach who uses Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology to awaken women to their Divine Life Purpose. My reading style is straight-forward and compassionate, with a focus on acting as a Guide to empower my clients. I don't predict futures or tell fortunes because I believe this disempowers the client from shaping their own destiny. I have been working as an Angel Tarot advisor since 2009 and I've been servicing the online community since 2012. My technique and method as a reader is to divine from the cards and identify the energies surrounding your unique situation and circumstance. I understand the future is always open to individual creativity through personal choice and the variables of chance. I believe the wisdom of the cards plus my own intuitive and psychic abilities can channel clarity and transformative knowledge, and in so doing, empower you to meet whatever comes into your life with the best possible illumination and plan of action.

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