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Chris' testimonials speak for themselves.  Delivering powerful and specific readings, Chris is a natural-born psychic and evidential spiritual medium whom communicates directly with your loved one's in the spirit world to bring you empowerment. Whilst he is one of the youngest spirit messengers in the UK, Chris has accumulated a wealth of experience from his public ‘platform’ mediumship work and the thousands of clients he has helped internationally. Chris has a compassionate approach to his mediumship and is also qualified in Grief Therapy. Chris is featured on Psychic TV and gave his first private reading at just 16 years of age. Adopting a ‘no tools’ approach, Chris requires no information to deliver evidential readings in intricate detail that repeatedly astound and amaze. He can quickly hone in on the truth of your life situations and deliver you personal messages from the spirit world with honesty and compassion. Chris handles his gifts with the utmost respect and integrity, and he recognizes that spiritual development is a lifelong journey. Helping others is his passion and he believes in self-empowerment and personal growth. Chris can also help you to tap into your own psychic abilities so that you are more able to rely on your own intuition for positive outcomes. As Chris facilitates communication and blends with the other world, allow him to bring you guidance, awaken your mind and enhance the quality of your life.


Chris has delivered messages from the other side from 15 years of age. He has demonstrated platform mediumship on a frequent basis across the UK, and has also done psychic nights in people's homes, and cooperate events.


Good reading, felt Chris connected well. Thank you!
Really good and spot on. Thank you
Amazing reading and really friendly approach :)
Great reading! Would call you again one day
Amazing reading! You are truly gifted psychic. Glad i found you.
The reading was just perfect!
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