Chris Edwards


I am a certified medium that can read tarots and connect to guides for more spiritual enlightenment.I can consult on many matters and link to those who have passed over and are still in the spirit world. I have 16 years of experience in spiritual work.If you need someone down to earth with a calm and passionate deminore I will show you the way through your issues. I will never judge you and you can feel fully confident sharing all the personal aspects of your life. I have had many unique life experiences that aid my work and give the best reading possibly can. I use my intuition and connections with the spiritual world to have clarity on any matter at hand. I have used tarot cards, crystals and pendulums to help readings become more clear to me. I can give you a general reading and can answer any question you may have on any topic. I will give you guidance with love and with all my spiritual help.


I have been mastering and improving my abilities for over 16 years and have been working to master many areas of spirituality.I have been doing professional spiritual work for over 16 years and have mastered many areas already. I have always been guided by my spiritual guides since I was a young man and are experienced in many spiritual areas and will be able to assist you in most areas of your life. I am experienced in communicate with your guides and loved ones that have passed over. I sense energies and can help you bring more positivity to your life. You can feel relaxed with my experience and Guidance with your difficult decisions. With clarity the right decision will become easier for you to make. You can contact me with any of your questions and I will do my best to assist you with them in all areas such as love, spiritual development, connecting to the spirit and general readings with tarot cards or crystal ball.

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Wow.. he is soo good! I will be back soon to update!
Chris was beyond amazing. He connected with my husband and got me answers that I have been longing for, for a long time. Through him, we were able to tie up loose ends we never got a chance to before his death. I have been going a little nuts with the readings lately and this is the first in which I feel completely at peace afterwards. His intuitiveness and ability to connect with the spirits is unfathomable. Thank you again!
did he read my msgs.. i hope we can continue.. thank u much for the reading
such a great reading ?
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