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I could type up a long paragraph describing what I can do and how long I have done this for and either confuse you, scare you away, or just leave you scrolling through until you find someone suitable enough to reach out to. But I will save all of that and invite you in to try me out for yourself. I will say that I am a first-generation (to my knowledge) psychic and medium and ever since I can remember, I have been able to do what I do. If my mom was ever a skeptic, she learned very early on not to be one. And if anyone else along the way drew weary of believing me, they as well learned not to underestimate me. I take the most pride in this and assure you that you are in good hands. 💯🤩 ÇLAIRE💃🏼


There really is nothing too big or too small and I welcome any and all of you into a reading to see for yourself just how much peace can come from gaining the right information to move forward. 😌🙌🏻 You need someone who is professional, doesn’t sugar-coat anything and gives you every piece to the puzzle that you are missing. 🧩 I offer free minutes often because it would be a disservice to not be able to give you the knowledge that you require just because of running out of time. I can empathize with you and tune into everything specific to YOU 🫵🏻 and offer any advice that I feel is beneficial, crucial, and necessary to your situation. CLAIRE ☺️🤩 




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