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Advisor Chloe


Accurate, Honest, Clear messages from Spirit. The Truth Will Set You Free and I will assist you in finding peace. My connection tools are Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Crystals, and Candles. I will start each session with a prayer for clarity, to clear the path for Spirit communication, and for Spirit to bring peace in a message that is Clear, direct and Simple to understand. My grandmother taught me many years ago that opening a window into the Divine takes responsibility and courage to only interpenetrate what Spirit is saying in a compassionate form. Communication with the Divine is a blessing and must always be used to bless others. These messages are meant for you so I may not always understand the meaning, I am simply a vessel by which Spirit works though. I was taught at a young age that opening a window into the divine is a gift and for it to remain a gift it must be given as a blessing. I will dedicate all my skills to seeking out an answer for you because I understand the magnitude that a simple message from Spirit can have one's life.


I have over 30 years experience as a 3rd generation psychic, Usui Reiki Master, herbal medicine practitioner, infused candle maker, I have assisted law enforcement with missing person cases, I have assisted owners in locating missing pets, I am presently a Tarot Card reader and teacher for metaphysical fairs across the United States. I am a Certified Oracle reader by Colette Baron Reid, Far-sight Remote Viewer, and a Licensed Registered Nurse. I am also volunteering in my community as a safe house which gives others a safe place to stay when affected by a home fire, or domestic abuse. I am currently on my to becoming a licensed hypnotist in my state.

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Bad experience.. most of the tiem passed in giving her more and more information, and later she gave a vague reply.. no connection to situation.
very easy to talk to and she answered all of my questions now I just have to wait and see everything play out.
very good! thank you
can you please add a credit
such a pleasure speaking to Chloe and so sweet!! a gem!!
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