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Advisor Chloe
Advisor Chloe
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Advisor Chloe


Accurate, Honest, Clear, and Non-Judgmental messages from Spirit answered Quickly! How does he feel? Will she return? Should I take the offer? I will use connection tools like Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Crystals, and Candles to assist and enhance Clairaudience and Clairsentient abilities. I will start each session with a prayer for clarity, to clear the path for Spirit communication, and for Spirit to bring peace in a message that is clear, direct, and simple to understand. My grandmother taught me many years ago that opening a window into the Divine takes responsibility and courage to only interpenetrate what Spirit is saying in a compassionate form. Communication with the Divine is a blessing and must always be used to bless others. These messages are meant for you so I may not always understand the meaning, I am simply a vessel through which Spirit works through. I will dedicate all my skills to seeking out an answer for you because I understand the magnitude that a simple message from Spirit can have on one's life.


I have over 20 years of experience as a Healer, Usui Reiki Master, herbal medicine practitioner, and infused candle maker. I have assisted owners in locating missing pets, and I am presently a Tarot Card reader and instructor at metaphysical fairs across the United States. I am a Certified Oracle reader by Colette Baron Reid, Far-sight Remote Viewer, and a retired Nurse. 

My Approach:  What is your biggest concern today?  I feel into the situation.  I need the first names of all involved and ages.  I need everyone's first name so that I do not confuse who I am connecting.  Often things pop in from Spirit so do not be alarmed if a question is asked off-topic, because it comes from Spirit nudging.  I am direct and detailed and truthful with what I feel in the most compassionate way possible.  I will be as quick as possible as well and I appreciate your and look forward to making new clients and speaking again to the clients who have allowed me to help in the past.

Thank you for chatting with me and for your kind review.

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one of the best readers
May 8, 2021
not really I check on him time to time thts it n thnkq so much I'll be bck soon
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