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Hi, my name is Chealsea. I am a proud mother of a beautiful little girl. & a wife to an amazing man I love ever so much. growing up I always planned for so much, but never in my life did I see myself having a little family of my own. Had you told me I would, I would have laughed & said "suuure" heck had you told me I would be where I am today, I would have said the same thing. However, in time I got here, I got to be in a place to make my family proud of me. To reach my goals, By goals I mean being the mother & wife I needed to be, having set milestones & pushed myself to reach more to my passions such as art or my spiritual side. My whole life, I dabbled so much into it but gave up on & off. Until one day I had got pointers on how to work on reaching my goal. So I pushed myself just as I did with being a good mom & wife, getting my license, my first job, my first vehicle & now here I am; reaching my goal of having found my inner self. having more experiences & focus on me to make an impact. without all of the positive outlooks, I wouldn't be here.


My most recent experience was for a family friend of mine, just to gain more experience, the mother sent a picture of who she wanted to hear from to which i used to tune in & reach out for. Once i got ahold of the person i was given so much information from old time sakes between them two, to a nickname he had. Now, keep in mind i have no clue who this person is. However it gave me more experience, an experience i will never forget. Not only did i pass messages, but i ended up getting advice from this stranger who knew my stuggle from the guides & told me to "follow my heart like he did & be whoever i want to be do whatever i wanted to do because it's my life. No one elses" & personally that has stuck with me since then & always will. It was definitely one of a kind experience.

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Nov 13, 2020
Jun 3, 2019
she took very long to answer questions and had a hard time reading my person
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