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Che - Goddess of Light & Love
Che - Goddess of Light & Love
Love & Relationships
Che - Goddess of Light & Love


I am the Goddess of Love. Follow your intuition, dreams, love language and creativity to change the world with your beautifully outrageous spirit as I guide you on this journey. I can guide you to infinite solutions to discover your truth. I am a highly gifted woman with a unique awareness to energy in all forms including spirits. I am an intuitive guide, counselor, advisor and mentor in Love & Relationships. Relationships start the minute we are born and continue even after those we love have passed. If you are in need of clarity I can help you understand the root of your challenges identified as Self Love & Awareness. I am one with the divine universe and the lowest to highest vibrations of energy, Love being the highest. Now is the time to awaken your purpose in life and achieve happiness, love and meaning throughout your life. Who you are and what you value deserves focus, love, gratitude and movement. Maybe you have been feeling stuck, or maybe everything in your life is changing all at once. Maybe you are working on a new project or on a new path. Maybe nothing has ever changed for you but you are emotionally ready for something different. Whether a life altering one time event is happening in your life or you are creating an entirely new life I can help you maintain positive, evolving, transforming energy. I have been gifted with the ability to feel all energy through not only my 5 senses, but heightened senses above the average person. This discovery has altered my life and purpose to help others radiate love. What is Energy? Energy is light, color, sound, sight, smell, taste, and emotion that exists in everything and is everywhere. It is internally us and externally all around us. Think of it on a scale, from low vibrations to high vibrations. From negative to positive with a large space in between the two. We are constantly creating, emitting and receiving variations of vibrations. This energy becomes an immense part of our everyday lives.


I have been gifted with high sensitivity and strong empathetic abilities since childhood. I have always been wise beyond my years because of my emotional intelligence and spiritual connected-ness with all humans and the universe. Some of my earliest memories of life are being connected to spirits and the universe as a whole. I have now reached an entirely new level of healing others that is more powerful than ever before and continues to get stronger. I am working everyday on harnessing this power and healing with it. I have hosted many ceremonies and am looking forward to hosting many more. Part of my healing is bringing awareness, clarity, then certainty into your life. Reveal the truth behind any and all questions you have. I can guide you into release and ultimate transformation. Ourselves are the only ones who are responsible for our won thoughts and feelings. Find your strength through process and self love. It takes a moment and a thought to change, that is simply all you need to start the process. I will help you follow your intuition guided by love.

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thank you sooo much i wish i had more time!!!💜💜💜
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sorry like you’re the one asking me questions when i come to you for answers. not helpful at all
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