I am a clairvoyant ,empathic ,angel card and a Reiki Master,medium,whitelighter  and read past, present and Future ,I talk to spirit and channelled loved ones.


I have worked as a psychic reader and a psychic event organiser for  the past 20 years I  have held events and read all over east cost of A ustralia . I have my Reiki masters in Seichim and Usui.
I worked in a lot of expos and online

I learnt to interact with them to develop my abilities and to help others. I am a healer and a white light worker. when I do my readings, I don't just read your past, present and future. I will help you get ready for the changes that are to come and the hurt or regret from your past to help you move forward and feel more clear, powerful and loving
I will balance your Energies and Chakra so that you may better see the path in life, whether it has to do with love, career, health or life choices. I love my gift and i thank the angels for it everyday, I love that I am able to help people who feel lost. I connect with my many guides and the angels to provide fast, accurate information and healing I also connect with passed loved ones so they can give you messages.
Love and light

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