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My name is TheIntuitionWitch. I am a highly experienced Intuitive Psychic, Medium Advisor and Spiritual Coach. I offer accurate, honest, straightforward readings and specialize in: 

📍Life Purpose, 
❌Emotional and Mindful Blockages, 
💔Deceased Loved Ones, 
🐕Pets, and 
🔮Guiding souls through their awakening in this reality. 

I use my gifts as an intuitive channel and clairsentient to bring clarity to your confusion and peace of mind to your questions. I do not use cards. As a Psychic I offer validation by giving you information about your past to justify the statements about your future. My accuracy is exceptionally on point! During a medium reading when I connect with your passed loved ones I offer validation of names, emotions, personality characteristics, physical descriptions, and memories. I ask to bring forward the most positive, loving messages to you during each reading. If you feel drawn, and comfortable, reach out to me I am here to help you!


I have been performing Psychic and Medium Reading for thousands of people over several years. I have read for large groups of people and many individuals in person. My Passion is to speak the truth and help others to gain clarity on their journey in this life. I have connected thousands and thousands of people to their loved ones who are in spirit. I feel the true gift is being able to help others attain closure and peace during a simple conversation. I have taken many courses, practice mindfulness, and meditation daily to keep my gifts sharp and continually improving. From this wisdom, I have learned how to offer others a clearer perspective on their personal life situations. I have helped others to find direction in life, get a new job, start businesses, and even creating new relationships while healing from previous ones! I help others, who are open, to understand the emotions and energy around them to help each person begin to view life from a new perspective on their own terms. I sincerely love what I do as I have thousands of monthly and yearly repeat clients who have discovered a whole new life within this world since connecting with me!

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Honest, straightforward and right to the point:)
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