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Relationship Problems


Charles is skilled in areas of love and family relationships. His psychic work can also assist in areas of career, and finance. Charles is spiritual, gentle, non-judgmental, and a good listener specializing in loss and grieving; not only for loved ones, but also animal companions who have crossed the rainbow bridge. He will always tell you what the cards say honestly, but gently. He has a background in the study of “The Fourth Way” and a degree in Theology. He utilizes these in his spiritual coaching work to help his clients gain a better understanding of self-knowledge: Mind, Emotions and Body. Charles became aware of his intuitive powers at the age of 12. His paternal grandmother was a practitioner of the mystical arts; she became his teacher and guide into the psychic world of crystal gazing and Tarot. Charles can work without tools of divination, but by crystal gazing and Tarot reading these enable him to tap into a Higher-Self.


Charles has 10 years of experience as a psychic reader. His work includes Tarot, crystal gazing, numerology and palm reading. He will always tell you what the cards say honestly, but gently. He travels extensively and continues to study and learn esoteric knowledge from the Great Masters such as Arthur Edward Waite, Aleister Crowley and Manly P. Hall. Charles has a deep interest in comparative religion and work on the Higher-Self as espoused by George Gurdjieff, J. Krishnamurti, and Alan Watts. Along with his psychic work Charles believes it is important to provide spiritual coaching and desires to keep the focus on his client. In the past 10 years in his private work, he has guided many individuals one-on-one toward self-discovery; allowing them to become an active participant in their own voyage. He is also a member of the Prestigious International Tarot Association.

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