I am giving solution for the hopeless situations and balm for the wound. i'm a specialist of hard issues. I am here for the most heartbraking, most outstanding issues to be solved. I do it for real and in the past 8 years, I have helped in more, than 100 000 situations, so I can call myself as an expert of a good reason. I give you no directions, what to do. I give you solutions, you can choose from. I use no tools. I do channeling and psychological approach. I do help you to solve your issues. my time is way too precious than wasting yours as well. When you ask, all I need is a first name, nothing else and your question about your issue. I do no questions about life, or death. God does them all. When you ask, please prepare for a long discussion, even more, than a few words. I give you no yes/nos. I give you only descriptions, elaborations.


I 'm working as a psychic for 8 years, having experiences about my abilities since I was 18 only, when I had the chance to meet my abilities the first time - with the help of a female relative of mine, who appears to be a witch. She was the one, who "switched me on" this way. I have trained myself on my own with meditations, spiritual technics (of what i learnt some and I also share some of them during my readings). astral projections and above all: with practicing. To practice is to evolve and this way, my channels only enriched. My hearing got started, my bodily senses started to work. I turned to be actively a therapist, when the amount of positive responses risen above 90% and I stick myself to this percentage still.  

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