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I’m Chance Pisces, a spiritual teacher and psychic reader. I have a gift of tapping into your energy. This process allows me to feel the vibration of your soul. Spirit delivers very clear details to me about your past, present, and future. I’ve been psychic all my life and I have helped hundreds. I inherited the gift from my maternal bloodline. As early as five years old, I was predicting who would visit my family home. I even knew who was not showing up for birthday parties. I continue to have an above-average track record of my predictions coming true. It was not until my teenage years that I understood my psychic gift came from God. I began reading professionally at 16 years olds, and later adopted a life-coaching approach. My specialty is in love and relationships. My gift allows me to pick up on emotions and thoughts to see how genuine the person in question truly is. I believe in being sincere, genuine, and completely straight forward. Please be open to the information spirit wishes to deliver through me to you. I’m only a human who delivers divine messages from beyond. If I sense a situation that’s not working in your greatest favor, I will let you know. I wish to bring you the gift of true enlightenment. My desire is to have you walk away with excellent clarity and wisdom. I look forward to speaking with you.


I have more than 15 years of experience providing spiritual insight to those who are in emotionally turmoil and showing a way out of troubling times. I will remove any illusion of false fantasy with truth about your soul’s journey. As your wound heals the soul transcends into the highest expression. I specialize in dating, relationships, career, mediumship and dream interpretation. I will tell you its better to over-come karmic blockages then living out repetitive cycles on things we can dodge as a bullet. In life we will experience trails and tribulations don’t allow fear, limitation of the unknown to have possession over you. My gift brings insight and also challenge you to get into the arena, look at yourself, confront your inner demons, to find freedom. Your happiness and reassurance is my priority. My psychic gift is to help guide you and is available whenever you need.

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Confirmed exactly what I felt! I will stay focused and keep you updated!! You are definitely gifted!!
thank you for the reading Chance! wish we could chat longer!
I will be back in touch!! You are truly awesome!
Absolutely amazing.. Thank you so much 😊🙏🏼
Thankyou for guidance. Pls remember me in your prayers!
thanks U made me feel better I will see if you’re predictions are true definitely recommend you didn’t even ask for names and you were on point
thank you awesome read
thank you for another awesome reading Chance! I love how quick you are at getting connected and tuned in! ❤️ much appreciated!
thank you for the reading Chance! ❤️ Very quick to connect and pick up on my situation! Thank you again!
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