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Relationship Problems


It is a blessing to provide you with the insight to make wiser decisions. Whether in a relationship, career, finances or other life experiences, you will find the clarity I provide invaluable. As an Oracle, I am graced with gifts from my great-grandfather who was a South Carolina healer. I divine by allowing my higher self to guide me and draw a deep connection with the Universe to give you the information you need in a clear, non-filtered, detailed manner. I am highly intuitive and the service I offer is more than a reading, I use this gift along with tarot cards, oracle cards, and pendulum to focus and align with your vibration. I also offer powerfully constructed affirmations, rituals, and charms. I invite you to call me and I look forward to your call.


I knew from an early age I was different but my gifts didn't reveal themselves until my mid-forties. I always had the ability to speak what I wanted into existences but would put it off to coincidence. It wasn't until I had a bout with high blood pressure that I was opened up to yoga. My yoga practice opened me up to meditation, then tarot and my intuition followed suit. I started doing readings and realized that I was truly gifted and that sharing this gift and helping others is my calling. I have been reading professionally for close to 10 years and am a witch by birth.

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