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Love & Relationships


 I’m a professionally trained experienced Psychic/Medium/Healer/Intuitive Teacher and Divine Channel for Spirit.  

Reading by me will give you straightforward facts you need regarding relationships, love, career, and your own inner, private inquiry. I’m very direct in my approach. 

I utilize my spiritual and healing abilities in such a way that helps people find their inner, authentic voice and feel empowered just by being themselves. I gently guide others to help overcome any emotional, psychological or spiritual obstacle that stands in their way of shining bright in the world.

I use Fairy, Angel cards and communicate with your spirit guides to help you connect to your higher self and receive compassionate guidance. I also offer I Ching readings.

You might want to try my best-selling services:

  • Reiki energy to remove blockages 
  • Scripting desired reality 
  • Removal of negative blocks 
  • Removal of blockages 
  • Cleansing and balancing chakras


Throughout the years, I specifically have had the privilege of working with Archangels, Angels, and, of course, personal Spirit Guides.  I also had an opportunity to work with some of the most advanced and talented internationally renowned spiritual teachers of our time.

Like many, I grew up in an environment that could not support my gift so this led to a path of self-reliance, in particular within spirituality.  This gift of self-reliance helped me to listen to my own inner guidance and connect with my higher self and the light that we all share.

At the age of 21, I heard a strong calling to the light, not knowing exactly what it meant, just that it was so irresistibly strong that I opened up to this new world of possibilities. I met my guide Dr. Mitchell Gibson that helped me clearly see the gifts I was carrying within myself.

 Since then, I’ve spent years gaining knowledge of the other side, spirit, God, whatever you wish to call it. With time I was able to discover that many hidden inner worlds are inhabited by transpersonal forces that the traditional peoples call spirits.

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thank you for the reading sorry ran out of funds. but it dit help me greatly
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