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Hi, I am a Psychic Empath from Scotland. I am able to provide you with accurate insight, clarity, and guidance in most areas of your life. I don't use divination tools such as Tarot or Oracle cards, preferring to use my intuition, higher self, and spirit to provide me with all the information I need. I can also provide timeframes if necessary, however, please remember that all predictions are based on current energies and energies change all the time therefore predictions can also change. I always deliver my readings in a nonjudgemental and compassionate way. ⚠️ I NEVER give false hope, ALWAYS‼️ the truth. Remember to keep an open mind regarding your reading and let the Universe provide the answers to your situation. ⚠️ I DON'T do general readings such as when will i meet someone, when will i get a job? Etc All readings have to be about a specific person of interest or situation. ⚠️ I DON'T do medically related readings including pregnancy questions. ⚠️ I DON'T do any readings which are legally related.


I have always been aware of spirit since i was a child. My first experience was sensing my late Great Grandmother who died before I was born. I was able to communicate with her while playing a game of cards, something I will never forget! I didn't develop my abilities until I was an adult, 17 years ago after being on a paranormal investigation which kick-started my real interest in anything spiritual or psychic related. I started out doing readings for family and friends then progressed to doing online readings. This was my real opportunity to connect with many more clients all over the world. To date, I have done over 4000 readings for very satisfied clients, gaining 5-star reviews. I know have a wealth of experience to offer potential clients here on Zodiac Psychics, I look forward to reading for you very soon! 💜💫💜

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May 18, 2021
she’s always so clear with answers . consistent with my situation and predictions come to pass . thank you for the clarity praying for future predictions to come
May 15, 2021
Sorry I ran out of funds! You are amazing and I loved your insight. Thank you so much for your advice! I will keep you posted. Blessings xoxo 💜💜
May 15, 2021
super accurate
May 14, 2021
Thank you!
May 14, 2021
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