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I am very down to earth, and offer what I receive from the spiritual guides. I also use cards, clairvoyance, can read your birth chart, numerology, and can do a couples compatibility chart to see the potential of a relationship. I will offer you suggestions on steps that you can take to take better control of your life, given what I see, hear, and find out using my tools. You have been brought here not by chance, but for a reason. Together we can: -Answer your questions -Examine your Life Path -Understand what your Birthday impacts your personality and expression -Keys to your inner drama -Your Destined Major Challenges -Explore underlying Karma to unfold -Find out what challenge pinnacles await you at different age ranges -Find out what is in store for you in the coming year, month, and even specific day -Figure out Your Hearts Desire to fulfillment -Much more


The spirit guides open up the pathways giving me accurate and personal advice I am meant to share with you. I have been reading professionally for nearly half a century. I am Empathic, Clairvoyant and started with the Path of Mediumship. I am not judgmental and read with great depth and compassion. Spirits work through me as an instrument to convey the messages needed to help realign your energy to be more empowered. I use clairvoyance, cards, and spiritual tools. I help you fill in the uncertain areas you are seeking to understand on your journey in this life. Giving clarity and guidance to take more control of what is at hand and ahead of you. I can go deep into your Natal / Birth Chart Report, Numerology, and Compatibility Couples Reports with just a little information on your name, birthday, and location of birth. I also can look into specific dates and months to help you see what is in store for you so you can make the most of what is coming your way!

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