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Since I was a young child, I have had dreams that have come true. Seemingly insignificant, the dreams caused me to question the nature of reality. This fascination eventually led to my finding tarot cards, runes and other divination tools that help one to understand themselves and their circumstances better. The cards are always true but not necessarily the truth that we expect. The future is not set. Our lives are like a dream the cards help us wake up in the dream and change it if that’s what we want. I help you to understand yourself better by using the advice of the tarot combined with intuition. My readings are always positive and empathic.


I have read for friends and strangers over the last 18 years. My first "professional" job was reading as a gypsy on Halloween for a party of middle schoolers who mostly all had the same question;"Will I meet Brittany Spears?" Well, obviously most of them would never meet her. My intuition told me that none of them would meet her but I read the cards for each and every one of them. All of the readings were different and all of the readings I read to them in story form, talking about what they can do in their lives to improve their chances of meeting Brittany Spears. That's the beauty and the magic of divination and in the stories the Tarot Cards tell. Not the question. After that grueling adventure in gypsy tarot reading, one on one personal readings with adults became much easier. I learned a lot from that night! I have mostly read one on one for clients in a comfortable setting. I help with career direction, emotions, dreams, love interest and much more. I see the cards as healing tools.

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