Catherine  Alama


WHO AM I? As a Predictive Numerologist, Catherine will share with you some of the secrets of life’s important questions. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. These are all revelead in a full Predictive Numerology Profile. So, what is Numerology. The Romans said “Nomen est omen” The name is the destiny. Names and numbers are symbols. They do not of themselves ‘make’ things happen. Numerology shows the nature of what is happening, its character; it’s past, present and future. They are like signposts to guide, protect and reward. You can count on me to count on you.


Registered Nurse 25 years
Predictive Numerologist 23 years

Speaker at Paracon Australia,
Speaker at Casula Powerhouse
Speaker at Church gatherings and Psychic events - New Zealand and Australia.
Large online page on FaceBook and other Psychic websites.

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