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Come in with an open heart and mind to receive your message. It is my soul's mission to give insight to those that seek it with a real willingness to receive it. With your permission, I will deliver what you seek. With help of my spirit guide Miriam we will help you on your path to your destiny. I can give you insight to questions you have about relationships, love, money or life in general. If you are wanting to connect with the spirit of past loved ones I would be happy to provide a medium reading for you. When requesting a medium reading, please understand that making a connection sometimes takes a few minutes. I will need to ask some questions about the information I'm receiving so that I know I'm on the right track and who is coming through for you. At times it's someone you don't expect so be open minded this is very important for a successful reading. Before you come in think about who you want a message from, open your heart and mind this is how I connect with you and your energy. Staying positive is very important for me to connect with you and spirit. Most important, we will thank them for coming through, and provide comfort with their message.


With over 30 years experience connecting with spirit and working with spirit guides I have become enlightened and open to receive messages in a clear accurate way.  


thank you love out chats
negative energy around me? i would like to hear this
i'll give 5 stars if the event happens within the timeframe. thank you!
excellent reader
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