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I have been spiritist since I was 15 years old, I can establish communication with your ancestors and I can develop and transmit the message to my clients thus, give them the peace and tranquility and the important guidelines to improve their lives. I can interprete the meaning of dreams through the great process of psychoanalysis, I am tarot reader since i was 12 years old, all my knowledge has been growing potentially through many years of practising, which I only use for positive things and to be able to make people find what makes them happy, I am a person sent from God whose mission is the assistance of all people who want to know the messages of the ancestors or their spiritual guides, in the same way I have a wide knowledge about the plants and their healing properties and how to have the spiritual evolution you want, to recognize positive energies and good attributes in each of the areas of this astral plane, I am very good with the topics of love, money, the evolution of life, spiritual guides and their communication, union with plants and all human beings, through time I have attended a lot of people and obtained a great recognition for happiness and peace that I brought to their lives.


I began my first steps when i was five years, since I was born with the gift of communication with spirits. When I was 15 years old I was able to express all of messages of light, the art of dream interpretation from psychoanalysis , I have a wide field on topics of love and how to create love and happiness between two people. Regarding to the financial aspect I know how improve it and bring positive energies to obtain the economic life that this person wants, I know management of these in a totally positive way and be able to fulfill all their goals or purposes of their life, my energies are totally positive, they are in favor of each one of the spirits of light and of people who want to receive this message for the evolution of their daily life. I have many practices in topics of shamanism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Yoruba, Christianity, Shintoism, the great world of healing with plants and other minerals that the nature gives us.

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Casandra is the best I have only been coming to her for a few weeks and she has made a big difference in my life she is honest accurate and takes the time to look into your situation definitely give her a try!
she took time to answer me
great reader
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