I work with my Guide who gives me the information, I have tools if I feel drawn to use them I mainly work hands free, I have crystals various cards a crystal ball & pendulum, The services I provide are to make my customer my priority for the duration of the time I spend talking to them I cover many areas I am a qualified Psychic Counseller & a very compassionate person. I give answers & insight to people enabling them to move forward in a positive way I am happy to look into areas that are worrying them, I speak to Spirit everyday. I can give Past Life Readings as well as seeing what is coming in for you , my Guide shows me 6 months ahead.


I have been speaking to Spirit all my life, I gave my first Reading about 34 years ago, I started off just using psychometry which is picking up energy off objects enabling me to see past events & upcoming ones, I have progressed to using other tools which I have at hand if I need them. I have worked in this line of work for a good few years now on Radio & also on a tv show, all my lovely people I read for are important to me, I have done various courses which I feel compliment my work, because I work with mediumship I believe this is a very sensitive area so I felt doing a bereavement counselling course was very beneficial, I love giving clarity & insight , I have worked as a telephone psychic & love my work

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