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Carmela Quartz
Carmela Quartz
Relationship Problems
Carmela Quartz


Hi I’m Carmela quartz! In our reading there’s 15 cards. First 5 are your basic reading, 2nd is the clarification/confirmation of your basic reading, and 3rd layer is more insight on your basic reading. Upon request we can do specifics such as: relationships and prosperity. After our cards you can ask as many questions as you want to gain more perspective of what god is trying to tell you. If our cards show angel numbers than we can discuss what they mean and how they apply to your situation. Lastly we can discuss crystal grids, what crystals you need for your manifestation and directions on step by step process. Crystals are a great tool to achieving a multitude of things and a co creator of your manifestation. Manifestation is creating what you want in your life by asking god and believing in what your doing. I look forward to our next reading :)


I started my holistic journey in 2018 being unsure of my life’s direction and if god really cared about me. I than started to seek out different psychics to talk about my hopes and dreams for the future and how to achieve them. I learned that I’m a clairsentient. I feel can feel energy around me and through my hands. After learning this I bought some oracle cards and was taught by a skilled psychic on how to use them. Ever since than I have used cards everyday to gain insight on my day and to help others gain perspective on their situation. I have been doing multiple crystal grids for each full moon and have been watching them grow. I want you to feel like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders after our reading. That I’m okay I’m in my guides and gods hands moment. I’m excited to learn about you and give you perspective! See you in our next reading :)

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Sep 1, 2020
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