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I am a clairaudient intuitive-psychic. I work with the Tarot but like to base my readings from my true intuitive message that I pick up. I have a strong line of connection with the spirit which I pride myself on, my connection is raw and straight to the point. I am able to connect with your guides and tie in the information you may need to help you follow your destined path. I experienced my gifts when I turned five, but as I grew up at age 15, I was seeing and hearing things that were connected to certain passions and I was really able to explain things that connected and helped people. All of my friends and family started coming to me for advice and many times I've helped them get through life struggles. I am a Reiki healer, crystal healer and a reader that truly has a strong current to pull together a reading that is focused on helping others and really healing past traumas from heartbreak, insecurities, and anything that has really affected one's life. I believe in building my intuition and meditation, sometimes my connection is so strong, the spirit will tell me to not use any other spiritual tool. I can help you in many ways. After every session, I send a healing to you. I feel that I was given these gifts to help people have trust and faith in the path and the guidance received. I was meant to do this work, and I believe spirit and god want me to help others. I always tell me that sometimes things might not happen exactly the way we want them to at the exact time we want them to happen, but each step gets us closer to something better, something we need at that time of our life; we just have to trust the way the world unfolds around us.


I am a born clairaudient healer, I can give the truth, straight to the point reading that people can use to heal and to move on, to get to the next point in your career, love life and or general life path. I am here to help heal. I believe we all have general life issues where we need to get past and truly find our power inside and pull in some great insight from spirit. I've had these gifts since I was 5 but when I was 15, I started going to a spiritual guidance counselor. When I was younger my family couldn’t believe the connections that I had figured out on my own, whether it was seeing or hearing. I was blessed with gifts that really have developed over time. I grew up with burning feelings of intuition, I could always feel that something was going to happen before it did. It was amazing and I always felt really grounded to the world. Over the years I have built my connection through group circle with experienced psychic mediums and I have traveled from town to town to psychic fair events to help heal people who need help. I have been doing readings for the past 4 years, through channeling, tarot, and crystals. I book private readings for friends, family and anyone who is interested in hearing my messages. I love doing this work. I am also a certified Reiki Healer. I am able to send a healing after every single reading if you desire.




Nov 16, 2018
she's good
Nov 14, 2018
she connected to spirit and felt my true hearts desire. thank you
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