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Hello! my name is Carina . I am a tarot reader , empath . i give insight using my tarot /oracle cards and the connection that i have with your energy. I am eager to help and provide insight, helping you to take the right decision, to find answers to your questions regarding relationships, work and career and much more. I don’t sugar coat, i offer accurate and honest insight so be ready to hear the truth. I use the insight by helping you to take control of your life, of the situation, in this way YOU CAN act towards your goals/opportunities/changing the situation that will come across and bring improvements or simply change the present by turning it in a positive situation. If you want an accurate insight and changes into your life/situation, don`t hesitate to contact me! Sending love and blessings !


I've had Psychic abilities for as long as I can remember and trained in the Tarot with a Tarot Master. Daily meditation keeps me tuned into my guides. I've carried out face to face readings for many years. My care and compassion comes from my own challenging life experiences. I have started giving tarot readings years ago after lot of my predictions came to pass for the people i was reading. I got busy very fast as my clients were telling me that i bring clarity in their lives and i knew it is time to expand my circle.I found that i can give readings over the internet and since then i make a living offering my gift and helping people everyday.Yes! Good things can manifest for you too , you just have to know the opportunities that are coming to you , you need solutions to your problems, you need truth within your life and that is why i am here to give you what you need i can help you manifest!

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ill wait for the answers.. thank u always!!
ill wait, thank u always
i appreciated carina in so many ways for guiding me for YEARS!!!!! ❤
pls complete dear and that with the other guy.. thank u always.. wish i had more mins :(
ran out of funds but thank you for reassuring me! Always good speaking with you❤️
awesome as usual thanks alot
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