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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, My name is Caribbean Stardust and I am your 23 year old psychic reader. I have 5 years of experience as psychic reader and my psychic gifts came to me as teenager. In addition, my gifts covers the realms of romance,sex,careers, financial, and the paranormal.Currently, my gifts included seashell, tea leaf, wine,and chocolate readings. Plus, I am quite skilled as the premier Vampire tarot reader. Plus, I am one of the few North American Bacchante and my spirit guide is Roman God of wine, Bacchus.


Welcome to the great world of Caribbean Stardust. Actually, I have over 5 years of experience in both tarot and seashell reading. Frankly, I started as psychic reader while attending psychic faires during my teenage years. However, my gifts were inherited traits from my Carpathian,Vlax,and Caló Romani ancestors. Meanwhile, my reading style has developed over the years by working at many high-end companies.Actually, I decided to take up my family profession of psychic reading and rootwork after working for 3 years on the psychic faire circuit. Plus, my reading style reflects my unique hertiage by blending Romani fortune telling with African and Mestiza elements. Yes, I am one of those rare Afro-Romani-Mestiza people of Caribbean and Latin-American descent

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