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Hello, if you are here, then you're looking for answers and you've come to the right place!  I've learned through experience that nothing is set in stone and circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. With guidance from beyond, I can help you find the right path if you are uncertain, or your way back if you are lost.  I am an Empath and Clairsentient and I believe in the power of positive thinking - what you think about, you bring about - what you perceive, you achieve. It is my wish that the messages you receive, leave you with a sense of peace, comfort,hope and inspiration ! May light illuminate your path to a better understanding x  


From an early age, I discovered a sense of "knowing".  I knew when "something" was wrong and I knew when "something" had happened. I embraced this part of myself seven years ago and have been providing readings, dream interpretations and inspiring others ever since. Dreams can be prophetic or a way to provide you with answers that may not appear obvious to you when you are awake.  What you think it may mean is often interpreted as something completey different but you will be amazed to see how it will make sense to your current situation The energy I absorb from those around me is immense.  I'm a like a magnet when it comes to other's energy and have to limit my time spent in large crowds or shopping malls.  I am also a physical empath and take on the emotions and physical pain in my body from those close to me.  One example I recall is the day my mother, living in a different town, sent me a photo of the sty on her eye.  Boy, was she surprised when I sent her a photo right back of the sty on my eye. I have had quite a few panarnormal/spiritual experiences over the years which has left me with no doubt that we are visited, protected and guided from the other side.  I may not always understand the reading I give you, but then it is not for me to understand - it is for you.  I am just a vessel. I am a mom to a 19 yr old & 21 yr old daughter and although there is no perfect formula for raising children, I am very happy to share advice based on my own failures and success. Along with my abilites, I use the aid of tools for extra guidance and clarification. Everyone's problems and worries are relative to their life and experiences.  It is my wish, that you find comfort, hope, inspiration and a sense of peace from my readings. With love and light, Candy

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