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Callas Mercedes


Welcome. I am known for my great accuracy rituals and, famous love spell, if you have questions join me in private chat. I specialize in love business rituals and spells. I have inherited my abilities from my family. Who are very powerful Psychics. Is He Gone? Will He Return? Is The relationship Over? I Can Help You. I am known for my great accuracy with my tarot card readings, cleansing healing Rituals and famous love spell. I've reunited many couples and have the fame for super accurate readings. If you want a definitive answer and solution to your difficulties, come to me I specialize in love rituals and the occult. Psychic to royalty and Hollywood stars, I have studied the Ancient Rituals of the Pelasgian Ancient people and that has given me the great technique, In helping people with my rituals and spells. SMARAGDNI TABLET 3: The key of wisdom thoth surrender their knowledge and wisdom of people. "Wisdom is power, power is wisdom with each other complete the whole." "Wisdom in the lobby of the seven great teachers," says Thoth, "of which I have received knowledge." Their names are: - "Three" who holds the knowledge of magic, creator of the Dead "Hola. - "Four" is the one who loses / surrender the power of "life" to people. Light is his body. Liberating the souls of men. - "Five" is a teacher who controls the words, communication between people. - "Six" is the master of light. - "Seven" is a master of space and one that holds the key time. - "Eight" is the one who controls the progress of mankind. - "Nine" is the father, who creates and modifies forms. The fourth Dimension. - "The right side of the brain is feminine, intuitive, spiritual. Left, male, rational, skeptical. Only by uniting their possible further evolutionary progress. Towards the fourth dimension. Instead of the polar separation to integration. In reality, the fourth dimension. In which every thought ever materializes. Therefore, it includes only those with "pure" thoughts such as love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace. " Healing opals Healing ability: Opal has been described in medival times as a cure for diseases of the eye. Fire Opal: Red corpuscle & blood disorders; depression; apathy; lethargy; Black Opal: Reproductive organs; spleen & pancreas; filters red corpuscles & aids white corpuscles; bone marrow; depression, especially of sexual origin; White Opal: Balances left and right brain hemispheres for neuro disorders; stimulates white corpuscles; Looking forward to chatting with you, nothing is impossible.


Welcome. I have the reputation for my accuracy, and my predictions coming to fruition. I am trained in the ancient rights of the Pelasgian people, so I am very well versed in the occult. I've consulted 10.000 clients,ranging from love lost to business transactions divorce, healing, legal matters and repelling evil, and have helped to repair their lives and relationships. I have also worked with Royalty and Hollywood Stars. I am very talented in deferring difficult situations, and have worked online for 10 years, I'm great at reuniting lovers, healing mind body and souls. I have great technique in rituals and spells, for any purpose and need you may have. Let me know what your wish is and what will make you happy? I can make him return to you. 20 years experience in Ancient Tarot, rituals and spells, including my famous love spell. This is a review of my skills from an ancient Anthropologist and historian. Priestess Artemida Mother earth had many names and forms, many goddesses . During the whole long period of matriarchy , priestesses of mother gaea, were teacher, mothers, rulers, keepers of nature and human brothers and sisters. Space belong to them. One of oldest goddess was artemida, ruler of nature, animals, later twin sister of great lord and king Apollo Patriarchy forced the whole old system of values to go deep in secrets. The last 2500 years, everything is lost, but only on surface. Geno- found exists, skills of great adepts are around us. I am not talking about technology, topic is humans ability for using space knowledge. Long ago, people called it magic, but magic was the science, the same like today. So like not believer, like historian/anthropologist I saw different phenomenon, and in the same time I learned how to rich some levels by myself time is on, past, present and future are one whole. Knowledge is here , changing only persons/adepts with missions. This is my reality. I met a man with human's power and voice. He has opened links to visions, dreams and old skills. It was not the first time for me to see shamans (alike goddess artemida). We decided together to try to help people in our world. Was it luck? No, there are no coincidences . In present time her name is Callas Mercedes. About her past lives, everybody can ask her, or anything other, He has opened links. Blessings to you, I look forward to assisting you, Nothing is impossible.

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