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Tarot Cards


I am a Bloodline Psychic Channel. A descendant of the ancient Sibyls. As part of my Oracle practice, I use Ancestral Charms & Cowrie Shells to connect to the Orishas & The Divine.  Often I will utilize a Tarot while divining & Channeling to provide a more layered, detailed reading.

I speak as directed by Source. There will be laughter, joy, compassion, and straight, raw talk as Source uses my vessel to deliver life impacting messages about your love, your life's purpose & what direction or course you should take next. 

 My Soul's purpose is to illuminate the darkness, reflect how Devine you are, show you how in alignment you can be, and help you see the patterns & flow of the life that beckons you.  

Services Offered: 

  • Yes/No Answers with the Orishas - Cowrie Shells 💫
  • Ancestral Charm Readings 🌗
  • Tarot, Lenormand & Oracle Card Readings 🌟
  • Channeled Messages from Source 📨
  • Channeling from your Higher Self & Ancestors 🔮
  • Spiritual Coaching & Guidance 📔
  • Energy Cleansing 💡
  • Chakra Alignment & Blockage Clearing ✨
  • Empath Sessions ⭐
  • Divine Royal Spread - a full Oracle deck with Ancestral Charms + Cowrie Shell Reading (This is a very special reading where we go deep in depth into the situation and you can ask a combination of Yes/No plus as many clarifying questions as wanted. This reading can take up to an hour or more) 💯


I've sat in boardrooms few people imagine being in. Travelled to far off places simply to connect with like minded people and exchange energy and knowledge. I've guided people and energies containing every extreme without judgment, understanding there is healing in everything; opportunities to learn and grow if I choose to. This myriad of experiences informs my sessions, guides my intuition and allows me to step out of my personal perspective so that I may better help my clients. 🌏

During the 25+ years I've been providing guidance internationally across a multitude of cultures, I have become certified in Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Awakening Journeys, and worked with individuals and organizations from all corners and perspectives of life. I've travelled throughout Europe, Central America, South America, Africa & Asia being introduced to life changing world perspectives and esoteric knowledge. 

🔮 My Psychic gifts include: 

  • Claircognizance 
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience 
  • Clairaudience
  • ClaireEmpathy Physical & Emotional 
  • Prophetic Dreams
  • Channeling - Gaia, Source, Ancestors, Crystals, various statues & objects
  • Divination 


All Specialties

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