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Hello Dears, I'm all ears! Since a young age I have been living my life in the knowledge that whatever we do, whoever we are, an energetic imprint is left behind us. I think this idea can be acceptable for anybody, even for those who do not believe in reincarnation – maybe we do not come back to this Earth another time but we leave energies behind which have an impact on the future of the planet and on the following generations of humanity. This is why it is very important to understand what is happening around us, how other people relate to us and what we can do to untie the knots we had made before we were born. I found that one of the best means of looking into all these things are tarot cards. They provide us a very exact, very reliabe insight into the dynamics of our past and present situations and what we can expect in the near future if we follow the current path without any major changes / radical steps.


I have always been very much into psychedelic experiences because they always gave me something in addition. I put lots of time into self-development, took part in several meditation sessions, intuitive dance and psycho-drama courses in order to be able to get closer to my inner self, both mentally and physically. I have never been afraid of leaving my comfort zone and going beyond my own borders because I am sure these are the occasions when we can learn more about ourselves. I have to trigger new events, new influences in my life if I want to develop. Otherwise it is just repeating the same routine every day and not making a step forward on the path which is called life on Earth. I am here to help you on this journey, tuning myself on your frequencies and calling in the energies of the Universe through Tarot Cards to ask for clarification for THE WAY.




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