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Bri Bri Astrology
Bri Bri Astrology
Natal Chart Reading
Bri Bri Astrology


Hi there! My name is Bri Bri Astrology and I am a Western Astrologer. My goal is to offer you an objective view of yourself, your relationship with others, and your relationship the world around you in order to offer inspiration and a fresh perspective. I use the Placidus house system and Tropical calculations, which is pretty standard for Western Astrology. I offer three main types of readings: Personal - These are natal chart readings, so in these readings I concentrate solely on your innate personality, your greatest strengths and your deepest areas of potential. These are a personal favorite of mine and are great for working with personal development and any issues that are persistent in your life. Personal Journey - In these readings I take a look at your natal, progressive, and transit charts. The goal here is to take a look at where you currently are in your personal journey through life, so we use the natal chart to look at general patterns, but we also use the progressive chart to bring us into the present moment, with the unique gifts that you’re gaining and struggles that you’re facing in the here and now. The transit chart brings into play the way that your innate personality interacts with your environment and current universal energies. Relationships - In relationship charts, I take a look at the natal charts of both individuals, the synastry chart, and the composite chart. It can be said that a relationship involves three people; you, me, and us. I take a holistic view of the dynamics present in your relationship in order to assess your compatibility with each other, look at the purpose/roles that you play in each other’s lives, promote understanding, help resolve conflicts, and enhance connection.


I am a deeply knowledgeable and intuitive Astrologer with over 5 years of experience. I have also been a Usui Reiki Master for over 2 years, which is an experience that has greatly added to my natural level of intuition, and has helped me to develop a very holistic approach to astrology. Your imagination's the only limit to what you can gain from an astrology reading! I can offer insight into your greatest strengths, help you tap into your deepest areas of potential, and offer other advice on personal development. If you’re having problems with relationships - whether you’re having issues with family, issues with friends, issues with coworkers, issues with a romantic partner, looking for the love of your life, or struggle with social anxiety and shyness - it is my pleasure to offer advice on that as well! Astrology is also perfect for those looking for spiritual depth and meaning in life, because it is essentially the language of the cosmos, it connects you with something greater than yourself, and I can help you to interpret and understand what it has to share with you. If you are unsatisfied in your career, looking for something more, or looking to attract more money, I can offer advice on that as well! It is my absolute pleasure to assist you on your personal journey in any way that I can!

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